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Twin Cities Billiards is a tasteful site dedicated to the art of billiards. TCB has focused on providing a list of some of the places to play in the Twin Cities area, but we'll soon be expanding our lists, adding options for displaying and searching, and including more content such as tips, tournament info, leagues, interviews, articles, and links to other billiard & Minnesota sites.

TCB gets most of our listings the old-fashioned way: through word-of-mouth. We want to present to you a list of all the places to play in the area. We're not only interested in the big establishments that get a lot of press, but also the one-table bars like Turtle's or Archie's. So, please, if you haven't seen your favorite pool table listed here, drop us a line and we'll add it.

TCB is a COMPLETELY VOLUNTEER SERVICE. Please support our sponsors and help pay our bills!

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